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Mercy Mercy!

Mercy and Ren

When I first connected with Mercy her pet parent had only had her for two weeks. She was transported from California as a stray to a local rescue group. She was extremely shy and scared, and hated any sort of confinement to the point that she bit her rescuers. She was so timid that her pet parent wanted to see what I could discover by chatting with Mercy. Fortunately, she was adopted by someone who was more than happy to let her be herself and come out of her shell in her own time.

When I chatted with Mercy about her favorite things, she told me she likes to play with balls and tug toys. She loves her new life but didn’t understand it. She was trying to figure out how to feel safe and how to cuddle. She told me she had been chained up and had no socializing and love in her former life. Her new buddy is Ren (a very small Pomeranian) and CK the cat is funny.

Approximately a year later I chatted with her again and found her much more open and settled but still needing help with her fear and anxiety. This time she told me Ren (who is much smaller) is in charge as is the cat. She loves to play more now and watch the crows. She told me she got kicked which is the result of walking way too close to her pet parent (I find my cat and dog does this sometimes which usually results in a trip and kick 😊). Mercy is very sweet and loving but still extremely shy.

Just before the second communication session I had done some energy healing through scalar wave on her. I found that her chakras were all small, slow, and dull especially her throat, sacral, and root which fits with her anxiety and learning how to express her love. Once I was done, they opened more. Amazingly after I did this she went outside and explored with less bolting for under the bed at every little noise.

After the second chat I conducted several remote EFT sessions on her to help with her fear around taking a treat from her pet parent’s hand. Afterward, she took a treat directly from her pet parents’ hand! It was such a great feeling! I deduced from our chats that she was afraid of being captured if she got too close to a hand with a treat. Her pet parent has continued to try to get her to take a treat from her hand but the only time Mercy did it was after the EFT sessions.

Her medical scans were very similar during both animal communication sessions. Without reviewing my previous notes from a year earlier I found that the medical scan was still similar- tender sensitive paws that were injured from scratching at kennels before getting adopted, and something about the base of her tail. That was related to her fear and she kept her tail tucked under her. She also has a sensitive tummy and itchy ears. All confirmed as accurate.

It’s now a year later and she’s doing much better. She holds her tail up more. She vies for the chair with Ren in order to sit in her pet parents lap. She’s still fearful however, she’s settling in. Her pet parent is now talking about buying a loveseat so they can all sit together. Also, Mercy is more inclined to explore the outdoors more and more. She’s really coming out of her shell. The important lesson is that Mercy has lived with her pet parent for two years and has been allowed to be herself and do things on her timeline. With patience and supportive work like energy healing and EFT plus some flower essences Mercy will live a loving and rewarding dog life.

Please note I am not a veterinarian. I do not diagnose medical conditions.

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