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Mazie's Learning

Mazie the queen. Tucker at the front.

Mazie is a 1-year old sheltie who is experiencing some adjustment to a new home resulting in some stubbornness. She has lived with her guardian and Tucker, a 9-year-old sheltie for 2 months. She loves running free and chasing balls. She said grasshopper chasing was fun. She came from Idaho, so it is quite likely she chased a whole lot of them! She’s a cuddler but she’s still trying to figure out her place with Tucker and her new guardian. One of her favorite places to hang out is on the big brown chair she showed me however, we think that may have been a chair in her previous home.

I felt into her shyness and confusion about this new place. As a formerly dominant “wannabe” amongst the others she’s a little confused on who’s in charge in this new place. I asked her who she would be when she felt safe and she said “joyful.” She’s happy with her new home.

When I did the medical intuition, I suddenly had an itchy eye. I found out later that was likely when her guardian was cleaning the corner of her eye. She also felt ungrounded with a slightly sluggish liver. Fortunately, her guardian knows how to help ground her and get that liver moving.

Her guardian wrote me a few days later to tell me that as she and another person were unloading something from a truck they looked down and to their surprise there was a grasshopper. She hasn’t seen one in years around her place.

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian. I do not diagnose.

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