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Marley the Anxious

When I chatted with Marley the cat, he was 13 years old and was dealing with some anxiety issues. He would become anxious when his guardian wasn’t home, except when he was on medication. He lives with his guardian and her boyfriend, Bellatrix the cat, and the dogs- Stellaluna and Severus. Marley is a big fluffy orange tabby and a bit of an old soul.

Marley told me that he loves tummy rubs but he’s not a fan of the brush, so he bites it. Although he’s a pretty laid-back cat, he’s not much of a lap kitty. He’s also the leader of the pack. Marley knows he’s handsome- his guardian tells him that regularly. He showed me one of his favorite places to hang out on the green blanket on the couch (turns out it’s green & pink). He has a ledge he can perch on and watch the birds in the trees outside. He said he loves to sleep with a white dog which is Stellaluna. Marley loves his fish treats which I found out were salmon skin treats.

While conducting the medical intuition I felt some stiffness in my hips. It also felt like he had an upset stomach. He told me he had banged his head recently, but he was feeling better. His guardian confirmed that he had fallen the night before and hit his head and that he has developed some arthritis in his hips- so he has a difficult time jumping up on things. Plus, he throws up a lot. I did hear the word water, so I suggested she put more water out for him.

After discussing these findings, I did a round of scalar wave healing on him. While doing this I discovered that he wasn’t very grounded and had jammed his neck a bit. I also did some tapping on him to help with his anxiety and keeping him grounded. Marley should be on his way to feeling much better!

Disclaimer: I’m not a veterinarian. I do not diagnose.

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