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Kitty Kats


Frida and Noki are two kitties that live with their pet parents in northwestern Washington. The tortoiseshell, Noki was 15 years old when I chatted with her and Frida was 9 years old. In chatting with Noki I found that she goes crazy for her string-type toys. She loves her salmon and bacon and watching the birds at the bird bath. She’s pretty laid back unless she’s provoked. Her pet parent confirmed that Frida picks on her. She’s also a cuddler.

Frida loves coming in to join them in the bathroom and loves a good shower. She loves sitting high up and watching- she especially loves watching the birds. She’s content when lying on the couch cushion back and enjoys chasing things. She shared the image of a goldfish- they had just started giving them both a new fish treat. Frida said she’s playful, a bit of a jokester, a talker, a lover but sometimes gets scared.

During the medical scan I found that Noki felt stiff all over, had hot paws, and felt like she had a sluggish liver and kidneys which were all confirmed. Noki has hot paws but it’s not a medical issue.


Noki was moving much better after a scalar wave session. Frida felt itchy with sensitive paws. She also felt a little stiff around the rump/tail/hip area from jumping. Her pet parent confirmed that she has a flea allergy and had been jumping a lot lately. She was sensitive about her paws because they had been stepped on.

After the chat their pet parent sent me a photo of them sitting together with a big thank you.

Please note I am not a veterinarian. I do not diagnose medical conditions.

Noki and Frida after the chat

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