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James or Jack?

James was 5 years old when I chatted with him. As I sat at the table, he stared intently at me and I heard the name “Jack.” Since he is a rescue it’s likely that was his former name. James is a cattle dog and he had been nipping the family members pretty hard. He lives with his guardians, their daughter, cats, chickens, and Guinea pigs.

James is a catcher and a fetcher of balls, sticks, and pretty much anything he can catch or chase. He loves his hiking adventures and rolling in the grass which feeds his energetic essence. He’s a couch potato and showed me a pink blanket. James was so excited to talk he freely shared that he’s quite the jokester and the household protector. He likes things on his own terms.

When I did the medical intuition, I found that his neck was achy, his liver was a bit stagnant, and his ears and nose were itchy like he’s sniffed something he shouldn’t have. His body felt very tense. When I did some scalar wave healing on him, I felt that his throat was sluggish which fits perfectly with him wanting to talk and be heard. When I was done, he felt much more relaxed. James is one intense little dude and I am happy I was able to help him be heard. Hopefully, his training went well after the reading.

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian. I do not diagnose.

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