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Issac's Scare

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Isaac is a 5-year-old wire-haired dachshund. His pet parent contacted me on a Sunday about a veterinarian referral because he would frequently yip loudly (I heard it over the phone, and it was definitely distressing) and the cause of his pain was unknown. I didn’t have a veterinarian that I liked but I knew of others he could talk to. His pet parent did not know that I am an animal communicator and energy healer. Since it was a Sunday we decided to try and see what might happen. I explained what animal communication, medical intuition, and scalar wave is, and he agreed that anything would help.

I centered and grounded and asked Isaac if we could chat. I asked him what his favorite things are and got a feel for his essence. I then did a medical intuition scan. I found him to be a fun-loving guy and a jokester. He loves running and jumping and just bouncing around. Tug of war with rope toys and chasing his squeaker ball are great fun for him. He loves cuddling and he loves his family. He was scared, though, because he didn’t like the soreness.

As I went into the medical scan I felt like he might have jumped wrong. His whole back end- hips, foot, legs, tail, and rump seemed off. I also found that his liver felt sluggish, his ears seemed sensitive as did his stomach. His pet parent confirmed all of the above. While I was chatting with Isaac he had calmed down. After talking with his pet parent I then did a session of scalar wave energy healing on him. I checked back a couple of hours later and his yipping had dramatically lessened. I recommended to his pet parent that he might consider getting him in to see someone for acupuncture and/or chiropractic work.

The next morning he let me know that Isaac had yipped only a couple of times since receiving my treatment and prior to seeing anyone else for help. His pet parent was so excited and grateful he called me a “miracle worker.”

I feel incredibly honored to have been able to help Isaac and his pet parent through a very scary time. A few days later a holistic vet that I recommended found that Isaac had stagnation in the middle of his spine and neck. Twelve days after I chatted with him, he was treated to acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments which helped him heal. He’ll be subject to those throughout his life. And, hopefully, no more yipping!

Please note I am not a veterinarian. I do not diagnose medical conditions.

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