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Irresistible Offer to Learn Energy Healing

Did you know animals pick up our energy?

During this truly historical time, so much is coming up for people, collectively and individually. And you better believe that our animals feel it. They feel our energy on their walks, in your home, and when guests come over (social distance-style) for some human interaction.

On that note, there’s someone you should meet:

Joan Ranquet-- animal communicator, author, and founder of Communication with all Life University (CWALU). Joan wrote the handbook for animal energy work (no really, she wrote Energy Healing for Animals).

Now, she’s not only helping animals and humans energetically connect, she’s on a mission to teach you how to master this gift for yourself!

Energy Healing for Animals - Level 1

Home Study Course

Energy Healing for Animals Home Study Course is an intensive, three-month module through CWALU that immerses you into the electromagnetic field study for humans and animals. Here are just a few things we dive into:

  • Merging Morphic Resonance (Swarm Theory)

  • Chakra Systems (humans and animals) and How to Clear Them

  • Electromagnetic Field by Running Energy Clearing

  • How to Summon Scalar Wave (technique)

  • EFT for Animals

  • Access to the Animal Energy Healing Library with Energy Calls

  • 9 Live Calls with Joan: 5 EFT, 2 Scalar Wave, 1 Intro, and 1 Energy Overview

  • And so much more!

You’ll also learn how to:

  • Become proficient with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for animals

  • Create personalized EFT scripts

  • Spontaneously use EFT tapping (going off script)

  • Experience shared growth with a homework partner

  • Shift your household to fit your newfound understanding of your animal’s behavior.

  • Help animals with behavioral, health, and performance issues, and end of life transitions.

All in just 3 months!

This course retails for $1997, but if you purchase before midnight on November 7th you’ll receive an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of $1697!

I’ll also include these BONUSES:

  • Access to CWALU’s Exclusive Live Energy Calls

  • Access to CWALU’s Exclusive Live Behaviorists Calls

  • One ½ hour Private Consultation with Joan

An additional $750 value, YOURS FREE with the purchase of this course!

Learn more here >>>

I have no doubt that this will enrich your life and take your work with animals to a whole new level. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. I can’t wait to witness your growth with Joan!

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