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Healing From Flowers

Flower essences, gem elixirs, and environmental essences are a gentle way to heal the emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves and our furry companion animals. The essences and elixirs carry the life force of the gem, flower, or element from which they are made. By connecting in a meditative state with the nature spirits, flower devas, and elementals the flower essence practitioner is co-creating with them and asking what healing they carry.

Essences and elixirs are taken because you want to strengthen certain soul qualities- not because something’s wrong. With animals they work by helping to release energies from trauma, release what’s not theirs, find balance, ground and connect to their higher self, etc.

Flower essences, gem elixirs, and environmental essences are part of holistic healing and complement other healing modalities. If an animal has behavioral or medical issues, before using essences and elixirs on them work on the practical- does the cat need more litter boxes, does the animal need to go to the vet, does the dog or horse need training, does the dog just need more walks, and so on. Once any practical issues are identified the essences and elixirs can be used to accompany the healing.

Because animals are very sensitive to the healing qualities of essences it can take as few as 2-3 weeks before seeing the effects. Like humans, they likely have several layers that need healing before resolving the issue. This means that after the first round of a particular essence or elixir a different one may be needed for healing the next layer. Sometimes the practitioner may identify that the animal is mirroring the person and the person is actually the one who needs healing essences. If so, there is more of a shift in the energy when both the animal and the person take the essences. If using essences and/or elixirs make sure to keep notes on any changes you or the animal may experience. This helps identify what the next steps may be in the healing process.

Essences and elixirs can also be used topically via compresses and spray bottles on animals. (There are many more topical uses for humans such as in massage oils, added to cleaning products, etc. that would not be safe for use on animals).

What is the difference between essential oils, CBD oil, and flower essences? If you’re thinking about using essential oils with an animal be very careful. Many are toxic to animals- especially cats. Avoid giving them orally and do your research. Check with your veterinarian before using them. Unlike essential oils, flower essences can safely be used with animals with little concern. Just make sure if you’re giving them to cats that they have been mixed with either a tiny bit of or no alcohol. CBD works on the physical by working with the brain. Whereas, essences and elixirs work on the emotional and spiritual by making shifts in self. CBD and essential oils will be covered in later posts.

Finally- Make sure that when you buy flower essences that the flowers were respected, and no threatened or endangered flowers were damaged or destroyed. Good practitioners ask the flower or gem for permission to use them. Many times, the flower or gem doesn’t need to be removed. The process should be respectful, mindful, and safe.

I am currently purchasing my essences and elixirs from Alaskan Essences. I have also taken a few of their classes with plans to become a flower essence practitioner in the near future. For more information please contact me.

Please note I am not a veterinarian. I do not diagnose medical conditions.

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