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Getting to Know Shasta

Shasta is a 15-year-old horse who provides horse-riding lessons for kids. When connecting with her she told me she loves tossing a ball around, watching the barn cats, being in the grass, and getting brushed. While chatting with Shasta my cat flopped over at my feet then decided to climb on me which let me know that Shasta loves cats and hates bugs and flies. Shasta told me she missed her brown and white horse friend. I found out that he had been left behind when she was adopted. As I felt into her essence I found that she is bossy but a character that likes having fun and being free and she wants everyone to listen to her. She told me she liked massages which fits with the medical intuition of a previous injury to her right leg which had caused a limp, and her entire back end felt tense. Her owner was setting up an appointment for her to get chiropractic treatments for her previous injury. She also had a sluggish liver which a vet had recently confirmed. She mentioned teeth to me, and it was confirmed that she had just had her teeth checked. It was an honor to chat with such a beautiful soul.

Horses are sensitive animals deeply connected to other’s emotions. Their profound connectedness allows them to assist in the emotional healing of humans. A few sessions working with therapy horses and you'll likely reestablish and connect any incongruent feelings you have. Horses have a special connection to autistic children and teens and people with PTSD. And children with cerebral palsy have been found to improve their mobility after one therapeutic riding session. I recommend the book- The Tao of Equus by Linda Kohanov- to discover a deeper side of horses.

I really enjoy chatting with horses as I learn so much from them. And even though I’m not an expert on horses I often receive great information from them about them. I so look forward to working with more horses. Could it be yours?

Please note I am not a veterinarian. I do not diagnose medical conditions.

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