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Cocoa Bean the Happy Hedgehog

Cocoa Bean (now known as George) is a 1 ½ year old male hedgehog. He hadn’t been pooping regularly so his pet parent asked if I could chat with him and do some medical intuition.

I connected with him and found that hedgehogs don’t have a lot to say or at least not this little dude. He told me he loves his blue green ball, his exercise wheel, and apples and oranges. He was enjoying his clean shavings. And he loves his water. His essence was full of love but also hunger. He also felt fast fast fast then slow and tired which is exactly how he lives his days.

When I did the medical intuition scan, I felt a little gut pain like constipation and a sore left rear leg. He had somehow injured his leg although not badly. He was given some pumpkin and his poop normalized. Even though he wasn’t super talkative I managed to capture him accurately. It was a lot of fun chatting with a little guy like Bean, I mean George.

On a wild note, there are 17 species of hedgehogs. They search for food in hedges and make snorting sounds- hence the name. They are found in parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa and have been introduced into New Zealand. They’ve been around for 15 million years and have changed little in that time. They generally live 2-5 years. Humans are the greatest threat to hedgehog populations, mostly from vehicles. Otherwise badgers and owls prey on them. They have poor eyesight but can detect movement. Yes, those spines can hurt but not seriously.

The domesticated species is generally a hybrid between the white-bellied or four-toed hedgehog and North African hedgehog or an African pygmy hedgehog. It is illegal to own hedgehogs in several states, Canadian municipalities, and European countries. If you are considering adopting a hedgehog make sure you research the law and their needs. They are naturally nocturnal, solitary, active, and omnivorous which means they have many special needs.

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