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Blueboy’s Angst

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Blueboy is Australian shepherd, great pyrenees mix. He was 2 years old when I chatted with him. His pet parent was concerned that he was having some behavioral issues. He had taken to biting her husband. He would lick his hand then suddenly bite. He was also fear-biting. When told to leave the back seat to go for a hike or after arriving home he would bite.

I connected with Blueboy and immediately saw an image of a wagging butt. He told me his favorite things to be chasing things and tugging at things. He loves fish. He’s a playful and loyal protector. I saw him drinking lots of water.

When I did the medical intuition scan, I found him to have a sensitive stomach and that his ears were itchy at times.

His pet parent confirmed that he loves chasing his stuffed animals and drinks a lot of water. He loves sardines and salmon juice. And the rest of my findings were accurate. He gets ear infections and has a sensitive stomach. I also felt like he needed to do some agility training which she confirmed that she had packed it away and had been considering it to work with him more.

A week later she called me excited to say that because of my reading on his ears they took him to the vet and found that he had and ear infection. This was bothering him which was part of the reason he was biting.

Behavioral Note: If your critter's behavior changes suddenly look for areas that may be hurting. They may have an infection you can't see. Take them to a veterinarian and have them checked out. Did something change in their lives recently? If there is no obvious medical reason or something has changed, try training or contact me for assistance.

Please note I am not a veterinarian. I do not diagnose medical conditions.

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