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Abby the Looker

Abby and a stuffie. Tiana in the background.

Abby is a 4-year-old mixed breed dog. She lives with her guardian and Tiana, an 11-year old dachshund. As I “dropped in” I saw her wagging her butt to greet me but no tail. She has a short tail, so I didn’t see it.

She loves chasing balls all over the place and playing with rope tug toys. I heard the word “stuffies: and confirmed that she loves sleeping with her stuffed animals. Jumping and more jumping- and, yep, she’s a jumper, a little too much of a jumper. She showed me a round pillow that she lays on which turned out to be a Frida Kahlo pillow in the living room. Abby mentioned birthdays and I found out a little neighbor girl had recently thrown her a birthday party.

I felt this goofball, fun, happy, friendly, playful dog who loves her life. She told me that she likes to play jokes which her guardian tells her all the time. She showed herself rolling over which is her “trick” when her guardian attempts to get her harness on her.

At one point I heard this sentence- “I like to stare.” And I saw her watching- looking out the window at birds and people. This is one of those things that make you go hmmmm. You tell the guardian and they send you an amazing photo of her staring which she does all the time. And the guardian goes wow!

I then moved into the medical intuition and felt a stuffy nose- she has allergies. The rump area including the hips felt stiff. She doesn’t like to be touched there. She had an upset stomach which her guardian confirmed by saying Abby eats a lot of grass. Her ears felt a little itchy and her chest ached. Just things to watch since there was nothing obvious going on. Her liver seemed stagnant which I get with a lot of dogs. Likely related to the foods we feed them. A round of scalar wave felt like it got the liver moving and some relief for the achy rump.

Abby was a lot of fun to chat with and her personality can really make one laugh!

Abby the looker

Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian. I do not diagnose.

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Abby loves talking to her friend Terri. And boy, does she tell it all! What she lacks in a tail, she makes up with butt shaking. Her "sister" Tiana has taught her some maturity secrets. They love

each other and greet when they come in.

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