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A Time to Grieve

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

I have been pretty quiet for awhile. First I was worried that my brother might not survive covid but he did (see my blog-

for details on how tough he is). Then 3 1/2 weeks ago my soul cat Twig passed unexpectedly. (It's also referred to as crossing the Rainbow Bridge).

The loss of my sweetie boy Twig devastated me. I've been spending time letting the feelings stemming from the profound grief wash over me. I took several days off and spent that 5 days processing grief and being kind to myself.

The positive coming out of this intense loss is the writing of a book for children. I am writing a book about grieving the loss of your animal companion. This project is helping me process mine. Being in the depths of the darkness allows me to share what I'm feeling in a way children can understand and validate their feelings when others say "it's just a _____, move on." That's not how it works. Everyone is different. The important part is that you let yourself feel the feelings, acknowledge them, and keep going- one step and one day at a time.

In a later post I will talk about Twig's last days (see earlier blog post about his life) and detail my grief process. There's still a lot of pain and my house feels empty without him even though I have Templeton, my faithful loving little dog. Twig and I were deeply connected to each other. Since I have been working from home, he's been a part of life nearly every minute of every day.

I could never replace Twig. I have had a cat in my life most all of my life. I have room for loving more cats that desperately need a loving safe home so it won't be too long before I add feline energy back into my life. And I know Twig will be there to help me.

Feel free to leave comments about your grieving process and what helps you or your children or grandchildren.

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