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The Spirit of Hannah

Hannah was around one year old when she passed suddenly and tragically several years ago. Her pet parent had not been able to discuss her grief but knew she needed to come to terms with the pain around losing Hannah after only being with her for a few months yet feeling like she’d known her forever. I had told her whenever she was ready, I would be happy to connect with Hannah in the spirit world.

When I connected with Hannah, she came to me as a fluffy prancing and happy dog with an exuberant wagging tail. She told me that in life she loved chasing balls or anything, really. But lazing around was just as satisfying. Grass was a favorite place to laze. She also enjoyed playing tug of war with her rope toys.

She was devoted to her pet parent and recognized that they had done good things for each other. Hannah held no bad feelings. She is happy and free and at peace. She told me it was meant to be and was not present in her body when the medical procedures to save her were being done so she did not suffer. Pain was released- again- and she would be in her next life soon. I felt great wisdom and healing and heard the words- energy, life, love. Letting go-make peace.

As I did a sort of medical intuition, I got that she had been poisoned by eating a mouse.

As I was doing this reading, I had her photo up on my cell phone. When I went to refresh it, the photo had changed (I hadn’t touched it) to my friend’s current dogs. The photo was of them looking into space in the bedroom. Apparently, the cat also does this. They had all been doing this a lot. They are conscious of Hannah’s presence. She is watching over her former pet parent and is always close by.

Hannah is a beautiful spirit who has been in my friend’s life more than once. When I shared what I received from Hannah my friend told me I had captured her accurately. She then was able to release some grief and find some understanding in why this happened. And, yes, I found out she had suspected poisoning.

Thank Hannah for your gift.

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